I’ve been thinking about the themes I tend to touch on in my links posts. I don’t post even a tenth of the science I come across, but sometimes I struggle to work out if a particular article or post is appropriate. I try to stick to the things I think are most relevant to this blog, which means microbiology and arthropods, with maybe a bit of stats. Going back through old links posts, it’s clear that I also love molecular biology, interesting or unusual evolutionary adaptations, science communication/education (what’s the difference?), ecosystems, and interesting accounts of research and technology. That’s pretty broad!

But, well, my interests in science are broad. I have an applied maths background, I’m researching in microbiology and statistics, and I work on communicating all kinds of science to kids. When I meet other statisticians I quiz them not on the models they use but on the scientific mechanisms behind what they’re modelling. As I become a more experienced statistician I expect to also want to talk to them about their models, but I don’t think I’ll ever not want to talk to them about the science that underlies their data.

Restricting myself to one type of science would reduce the fun of curating the links, for me. So for the moment I’ll keep posting this eclectic series, because I think they are worth keeping and sharing.