It occurs to me that I didn’t blog about my first conference, which I went to last week. It was held in sunny Caloundra, right near the beach, but I’m afraid I didn’t have time to get down there. The three days were crammed full of stats talks and workshops, and I’m glad I took copious notes because I’m not sure I remember much of it.

On the first day there were some great talks on optimisation of experimental design, which is very relevant to me right now. There was also an excellent talk on the last day on the same topic by an academic from the University of Otago whose name escapes me, but whom I promised to email with many questions. Good thing I took all those notes!

Most of the other talks were not as relevant to my studies, but still fascinating. I found the applications of Bayesian stats to sociology (eg. terrorism, breastfeeding) particularly interesting, and would love to see more on these.

Since I have little memory and no notes on me I don’t want to write too much more, but Sam Clifford gave a good wrap-up at his blog.