… but an apology. I haven’t updated in a while, I’ve been terribly busy! I moved house over the weekend and have had a lot of general housekeeping stuff to look after. Real update to come soon.

Meanwhile, this is a new friend I made this morning during my coffee break, but didn’t know about until I got back from my break:

Hairy Mary caterpillar

My own fault for daring to take time off for coffee, I guess. It says something about the cool things that happen where I work that my first thought was that it might be someone’s experiment that had walked away.

The internet tells me that this is a Hairy Mary caterpillar (Anthela varia). When we were kids we used to just call them hives caterpillars because, well, they cause hives. Thankfully I caught him early in his run onto my arm, and only have a bit of swelling. I’m also glad that he’s not in a later stage in his development – he’s only about 3.5cm now, but apparently they get up to 9cm long before they pupate. I think a 9cm hairy caterpillar landing on me would have made for a less than relaxing coffee break.

I’m calling him Spike, and releasing him back into the wild.