One thing I sense I’m going to have to learn very quickly once I start my Masters is how to have uncomfortable conversations with people.

Today I talked to my supervisor about a) the money not really seeming enough to live off, and b) I really really need to be able to use LaTeX because i) I’m a mathematician and it’s one of the tools of my trade and ii) my mathematical associate supervisors will crucify me if I don’t.

We’re now looking at ways to get a bit more money, and we’ve agreed that for most purposes annotating a pdf will do as well as the track changes feature in MS Word.

I’m not a terribly confrontational person, but I need to know how to speak up about the things that bother me. Today I took an advocate (one of our brilliant lab people) in with me, and my supervisor (as it turns out) was not upset and not scary. Maybe next time I will be fine on my own.