As of yesterday, I have access to my own desk at uni. This is a big deal!

Although I haven’t officially started yet, I still have things to do. In particular, I’m sitting in on a Bayesian stats course, and have had trouble getting time/space to do any study for it. I’ve also missed quite a few lectures because of work, so having somewhere at uni I can just sit and work will be fantastic. I’m in a great building, and the space is so well set up. My group is sharing with other biologists (mostly plant science people), and those few I’ve met seem lovely.

Also as of yesterday I have my very own copy of Bayesian Data Analysis by Gelman et al..


I decided it was worth the $64 investment; if I’m doing Bayesian stats I will use it forever. It’ll be the first textbook to grace my new desk, and probably one of the most useful.

The first things I took to my desk were tea, biscuits, a weekly planner, a phone cable, deodorant, and a spare pair of thongs to kick under the desk. Next week I’ll add a tea cup, coffee mug, lab shoes/coat, a couple of textbooks. What else do I need?