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A maths honours student asked me for help with his LaTeX code, saying that short of asking one of the PhD candidates I was probably the best help he could get (I may have blushed).

Trouble was, I couldn’t really help. I started using LaTeX very early on in undergrad so I’m very familiar with most front end stuff, but I’ve never even defined a custom command. Fixing this particular problem (the Harvard package is a bastard but must be used with this specific document class) will probably require at least having a tinker around with the class file, since none of the internet’s workarounds seem to be working around.

My solution for him ended up being “find a different class that works, and use the natbib package”, but I told him I’d keep trying to find a way to get his current code working. On the to do list then, for this and for future ease with LaTeX, is getting comfortable with its nitty-gritty.